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Injured working in Afghanistan

September 13, 2019

So you were working in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Saudi Arabia working for a private government contractor (Such as Honeywell, Vinnell Arabia, Lockheed Martin, etc...) and were injured, be that a physical or mental injury. What is next?

  1. Report the injury immediately to your supervisor;
  2. Tell your supervisor that you need medical and/or psychological treatment;
  3. Take pictures of the accident site, the injured body part, or anything else you want to document about the injury;
  4. Have your family reach out to Attorney Bruce Carraway at 404-660-2332 as soon as possible to protect your rights!

Be aware that the company may immediately send you to Dubai or Saudi Arabia for medical treatment. This is where you will receive some basic medical care and start to get a diagnosis. If you are needing surgery, they may go on and perform that in the foreign country. But often times, with a complex injury, be prepared to be sent back to the US pretty quickly. You will usually be sent to a military hospital in the US for further medical treatment. Here you will receive additional and higher quality medical care.

We hope you are never in an accident, but if that happens, call us immediately! 404-660-2332