Translators and/or Interpreters on the Battlefield

May 20, 2020

The use of translators and/or interpreters on the battlefield is an integral part of a successful military operation. Without this person's knowledge of the language and the culture the military goals cannot not be accomplished! These essential people are exposed to the full spectrum of potential mental and physical dangers of life on the battlefield. Sometimes they are physically injured in an attack from the enemy or an injured in an accident on base. Many times they have witnessed horribly violent attacks that leave them with lifelong emotional and mental problems including but not limited to PTSD, anxiety and depression.

We have represented many privately-contracted interpreters and/or translators that were working for the US military overseas and truly understand their injuries. If you or someone you love has worked overseas and been injured, call us today for a free consultation with Attorney Carraway at 404-660-2332.

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